Job Wrapping and spidering services

April 20, 2010 a leading provider of job wrapping and job content management services has been at the forefront of job wrapping service to the top job boards since 1998 .

Propellum job wrapping processes and technology has evolved over the last 12 years benefitting job boards in streamlining their auto post feature with their customers. The quality of service that Propellum provides is essential for building strong customer focus and client retention. It was found that auto post feature is one of the driving  reason why employers renew their contract with the job boards.

Propellum pay per usage model allows job boards to onboard the job wrapping product without spending a single dollar. This model also allows them to build a business model around the auto posting feature. If companies could post their jobs automatically then they would be more likely to purchase a subscription with the job board .

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Job wrapping

October 14, 2008

Job wrapping or job scraping benefits an employer equally or more that it benefits job boards.

Propellum a job wrapping company has a rich experience in providing job wrapping services to major job boards and staffing clients, makes it so convenient for its users that job wrapping provides a exciting and yet a cost effective service that enables both the job board and the employer to leverage their position in more than one way or the other .

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